Essential Sustainable Wedding Dress advice for the Eco-Conscious Bride!

The modern bride will be well aware of the negative impacts of fast-fashion on the planet.  This applies too to bridal fashion, arguably more so.

Here I have some information and advice on how you can enjoy the virtue of a sustainable wedding dress!

Alternative wedding style – Are you brave enough to ditch tradition?

Thinking about having an alternative wedding? Many people dream about the perfect fairy tale wedding; church, huge white dress, a veil over the face, romantic floatiness, pristine floral arrangements, lavish ball-room reception…you know what I’m saying. This formula has worked well for generations, but society has changed: women are more equal single-sex marriages can now …

Why choose a tea length wedding dress?

Why Choose a Tea-length Wedding Dress? As a wedding dress designer…  …I’m a huge fan of tea-length wedding dresses. Why?  I’ll tell you;  Just the thought of them makes me smile.  To me, they shout “I’m gonna have all the fun!”   Don’t let the fusty-sounding term fool you. A shorter dress can be a playful …